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Viilkatusega elementmaja

Flat Roof Home








Harmony Home is a single-storey flat-roofed building with a simple planned concept, which is an exemplary home of the future with well-thought-out and complete solutions.

The home is in accordance with the laws of nature, the principles of Feng Shui have been used in the layout of the house to create a harmonious home.

Harmony Home element house is made of extremely strong and durable LVL plywood.

LVL is a modern composite material used in construction - an innovative product obtained from deep wood processing.

PANELO wood-sandwich panels (ceiling and wall panels) are used.

Functionally, the building has a rectangle with a stretched plan with rooms divided into a long corridor.

The entrance divides the building into two distinct zones - on one side there is a living room with a more open function, an office, a kitchen.
On the other side, a more private area with bedrooms, a home spa and wet rooms.

The entrance solution is especially emphasized, forming a deep 3 m wide entrance in the street-side façade of the building, followed by the same large entrance on the courtyard side with a Japanese garden and a light opening in the roof.

The street side of the house is relatively closed - as few windows as possible, and the courtyard side is in the opposite direction - as open as possible.

The layout of the living room allows you to place wide windows across the entire width of the corner of the building.

The deep covered terraces on the courtyard side of the building give the rooms on this side of the building a much larger impression of space than the square meters show.

The extension of the living room terrace with a campfire site continues the living room visually into the depth of the plot.

The bedrooms’ block has one main bedroom at the far end of the building and two smaller bedrooms on either side of the corridor.

The master bedroom has its own wardrobe and bathroom.

There is also a housekeeping room and a larger sauna complex in the same wing of the building.

The architecture of the whole building is characterized by large floor-to-ceiling windows and wood-covered walls between them, floor-to-ceiling windows let the ever-changing nature shine directly into the room, large glass surfaces and terraces blur the interior and exterior closer to nature.

Turning your view from the sights to the room, you will be greeted by an interior with soft tones, where the timelessly beautiful interior meets modern design.

The airy interior, free from excessive details and noise, offers lightness, mental rest and space.

The necessary modern comforts and functionality are hidden in minimalist solutions, clean surfaces and clear forms dominate.

The whole house has 2.6 m high ceilings throughout, which makes the home spacious and full of light.

The house has landscaped and lit courtyards that provide light, bring nature into the room and also help to articulate the facade of the house.

On the side of the yard there is a large roofed terrace, which provides shade from both rain and sun.

In order to emphasize the floating off the ground nature of the terraces, the floor of the building is relatively high above the ground, so that the space under the terrace amplifies the elevated character of the building.

The height of the terrace is such that it is comfortable to sit on the edge.

For the home we also offer a garage, a carport, a sauna / guest house and a shed.

House plans